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Watch What You Want, Any Time You Want

4K Ultra HD Support

Turn any TV with HDMI into a Computer / Smart TV

Watch sports, movies, TV shows, play games, browse your favorite websites!

Our TV Boxes can be used by all ages. User Friendly!

Fun for everyone. Latest movies, shows, games.

We have the best TV boxes around at a price that you can afford.  With great after purchase support and a full 30 day money back guarantee if your box fails to work as stated.  We are the exclusive installer of Code Name: Lazy Lion which is an app that gives you access to unlimited content and programming for your Android TV Box.

Most of our boxes support 4K TV and are compatible with 4K, Ultra HD, 1080P and 720P TVs.  Now you can have a smart TV even if you didn’t buy one.  If you have a smart TV these make your TV even smarter.  Each TV box is a mini computer with access to websites, internet content, videos, games and much, much more.

All of our pricing includes free shipping within the United States and all applicable sales tax.  What you see is what you pay.  No hype, no hidden fees.