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How can I pay for a TV Box? Payment Methods

Right now we are only accepting BitCoin.  BitCoin allows us to keep our prices low.  An easy way to get Bitcoin is buying them from Circle.

What do I do when I get my box?

After you receive your box you connect it to your TV with the supplied HDMI cable and to the box.  Then connect it to the power with the included AC adapter as well as back to the box.

The next step is to connect it to the internet to be able to use most of the features.  To connect to the internet go to Settings, turn on Wifi, look for your Wifi network, select it, put in your password if you have one.

If you are not using Wifi but an ethernet cable, connect that to the back of your box as well as to your router.  In some boxes you may have to go to setting and click Ethernet.

After that go to the main screen and find what you want to use.

How do I find movies and programs that I'd like to watch?

You have to have an active internet connection and then find Lazy Lion.  From Lazy Lion you can search for any programming you’d like to see.

How do I get to Lazy Lion?

Once you know that you are connected to the internet, depending on the model it could be as simple as just clicking on the Lion.  Other models could have a section called Online Videos or similar where you would click on that section, then click on the Lion picture.